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Penn Dixie Dig with the Experts 2018

Dating back to ~2003, a small group of Dry Dredgers has volunteered for the inaugural Dig with the Experts and the annual events since then at the Penn Dixie site. This year was no exception.   For those not familiar with the site, the Penn Dixie Fossil Park is located in Hamburg, NY. (Visit www.penndixie.org

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MAPS 2018 Fossil Expo

The 40th annual MAPS Fossil Expo was held April 6-8 in Iowa City, Iowa. This is the world’s largest fossils-only show. Many vendors had material for sale, there were several nice displays, and quality presenters spoke on a variety of topics from extinction to trilobites.   Going into each Expo, I hope to acquire a

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Tucson Show 2018

In previous blogs, I’ve discussed the awesome Tucson Show (late January-early February) and all its fossil offerings (along with gems, minerals, jewelry, and so much more). Here I’ll share pictures of a few of the amazing fossils that were for sale at the 2018 show.   One big fossil offered was a huge crinoid (Seirocrinus)

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Back to the Golden Brassfield Limestone

Two previous Dry Dredgers blogs (2/23/16 and 6/30/16) summarize field trips that Tom Bantel and I took to the Silurian Brassfield Limestone in Ripley County, Indiana. On those previous visits, we collected samples for stratigraphy studies being done by Dr. Mark Kleffner (Ohio State University at Lima). Tom and I recently returned to obtain additional

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