Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Sept 29, 2007
Southeast Indiana

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Passers-by could tell we were fossil enthusiasts.
See Education Chair Greg Courtney's videos of the trip that day, Click HERE to go to YouTube.com.

The Dry Dredgers had a beautiful day for fossil hunting in the lower Whitewater, Liberty and Waynesville Formations of the Cincinnatian of South East Indiana. It was a good turn out of members. Everyone had tons of fun, as evidenced by the fact that many stayed 4 hours or longer. We have had a drought  this summer, which causes no new fossils to wash out, but there was a drenching rain two days before the trip. It was just enough rain to expose the tiny Flexicalymene trilobites in the butter shale layers. So most members found at least one trilobite that day.

Karen demonstrates American Gothic fossil hunting
Photo by John Feiertag

The site is a large road cut with plenty of space and plenty of Late Ordovician fossils, 440 million years old. Most people stuck to the right side of the road. The fossils were reportedly better on that side. 

The draw was to the butter shale layers where lots of the tiny trilobite Flexicalymene retrorsa minuens  can be found.
P1010069.jpg P1010096.jpg

On the other side of the street (next 3 pics), we saw about the same types of fossils. These bicyclists were just passing through. But they probably wondered how good those fossils must be for so many people to be out there looking for them.
    P1010040.jpgP1010082.jpg P1010020.jpg  

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