Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 23, 2006
Southeast Indiana

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It had rained for several days before the field trip with almost no letting up. At the time we left for the field trip that Saturday morning from our respective homes around Cincinnati and Dayton, it was still pouring down rain. Twelve Dry Dredgers said "that's okay" and headed out to the Indiana road cut to collect trilobites and begin the quest for even greater fossils. No one was disappointed.  The rain disappeared as we crossed into Indiana. We had two hours of fossil collecting without rain when we arrived. It drizzled for another half-hour. That didn't stop the Dry Dredgers, as we continued to find trilobite after trilobite. It seems the long rains left lots of the small Flexicalymene retrorsa minuens trilobites on top of the soft Liberty shale.

 Even the young ones found trilobites. Here are the photos I took on the trip, including the fossils the members found and my own finds after I arrived home and washed the specimens. Keep in mind that the specimens photographed on the site are very muddy and so are not clearly illustrated. The camera lens also got wet, so some photos have a blurry spot.

It's the second day of Autumn. The trees have not begun to change. But the weeds have turned brown and dried. So collecting was better.

Since Bill Heimbrock gave a presentation at the meeting the night before showing just where the trilobites were, everyone went right to the butter shale layer for those tiny Flexi's.

It took close examination of the wet shale. Quite a few people found a trilobite in the first 10 minutes of looking.
P1010043.JPG P1010044.JPG  

The terrain was slippery. It was a personal decision each member had to make, whether to try to climb higher for more interesting fossils like coiled cephalopods and colonial coral, knowing the rocks were surf boards!.

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