Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 25, 2006
Southeast Indiana

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The turn out was a bit light, this cold and windy morning, with about a dozen members attending. Although officially spring, it was still late winter on this southeast Indiana site. The site exposes a large section of the Richmondian formations, starting with the Upper Arnheim, the Waynesville and on up to the Liberty and Lower Whitewater.


 Despite the low attendance, the group was pretty diverse, young and old, long time Dry Dredgers as well as first timers, were there.


The site is huge, with cuts and multiple terraces on both sides of the road. It's been a popular site for fossil collectors for many years now. We found fresh foot prints all over the site, when we arrived. It looked like a large class was just there, which explains the slim pickings of nice fossils. Over the years, the best spots on the site were covered with mud and debris, making it much harder to find good fossils. 


Due to the light turnout, we have fewer fossil finds to show you from the trip.

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