Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 26, 2013
Northeastern Kentucky
Latonia (Kope), Fairview and Bellevue Formations

Additional Photos by Ron Fine
(Words by Bill Heimbrock)

This field trip brought the Dry Dredgers to northern Kentucky to collect Kope, Fairview and Bellevue formation fossils.

Ron took this great shot of an abandoned office chair high on a ledge of our Late Ordovician Period fossil site. A fossil from an Ordovician Office? It could be the simplest explanation, - - NOT.

Ron found some REAL fossils too. Here is a nice crinoid calyx.

Some great articulated crinoid stems were found. This first one includes a holdfast in which the crinoid stem is wrapped around something else.

Bryozoans were everywhere, particularly in the Fairview Formation. (next 3 pics).

Brachiopods were everywhere too. Here are two pictures of brachiopods on surface of rock slabs.

Ichnofossils or trace fossils were also abundant in certain layers. Use your imagination and see various animals burrowing in the warm mud. (next 7 pics).

Here are some odd markings resembling Ichnofossils.

Ron came across the well documented probable seismites (Schumacher, 1999). These are deformations in the shale with ball and pillow structures. The cause is likely earthquakes. He took these awesome photos of the deformed material on our road cut in the Fairview Formation.

The "mud cracks" below might be due to the same reason. Earthquakes.

Here are a couple of colorful photos. The first is a burrow filled with various colorful minerals.

And we were visited by a Flutter-by with distinctive Monarch markings.

See more photos of this trip from John Morawetz.

That's all for this trip. Hope you enjoyed it.

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