Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 23, 2005
Northeast Kentucky

Kope, Fairview and Bellevue Formations

Page 1: Introduction

The Dry Dredgers were sadly disappointed by stormy weather the morning of our field trip to Northeastern Kentucky. It was 40 degrees, windy and steady rain came down all day. This is not too unusual for spring Cincinnati area weather, but we have always been lucky on our field trips. The last time we visited this site in September 2003, it had rained all night but had stopped in time for the field trip. Not this time. 

We were planning to meet at 11 am at the site. Bill Heimbrock (the author of this report) , who was leading this trip, arrived early with handouts describing the site and fossils. Our field trips are always held rain or shine. Many of us Dredgers routinely fossil hunt in rainy, non-lightening conditions.  11 am came and went, with no Dry Dredgers.




Bill had decided that if no one shows, the field trip would go on. The cameras would be just turned on himself!

That wasn't necessary (fortunately for you!). Someone arrived fashionably late! Congratulations Karen! Karen is a new member. It was her first time to the Maysville site. You deserve an award, Karen! 

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Page 1: Introduction
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Photos From Past Field Trips to Maysville, KY
September 2003

April 2001
April 2000

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