Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Sept 27, 2003
Northeast Kentucky

Kope, Fairview and Bellevue Formations

Page 1: Introduction

In September, 2003, the Dry Dredgers field trip was to Northeastern Kentucky,  It rained on and off all night. And it stopped raining in time for the field trip.

Dan Cooper, the field trip chairman, was one of the first to arrive and scoped out the site. (No. He didn't remove all the fossils first.)


At first, it was very overcast. After a while, the sky began to clear and it was a great day for fossil hunting!
 Members began to arrive slowly. When everyone had arrived, there was about 20 attending. This is slightly less than usual, probably due to the threatening weather.

P1011199.jpg P1011209.jpg

The rain made it great for finding fossils. It caused the best fossils to be light brown against the grey shale. Can you find the gastropod (a snail called Cyclonema) in the picture below?

The site was a huge road cut near Maysville, Kentucky. It was so huge, the group was spread out. You could spend a whole day out on this road cut and never run into another member.

  P1011210.jpg P1011213.jpg P1011227.jpg P1011234.jpg P1011238.jpg P1011240a.jpg

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