Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 24, 2005
Northeast Kentucky
Kope, Fairview and Bellevue Formations

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The Dry Dredgers took their rain check, acquired from the almost rained out April field trip to this site, and were not disappointed this time around. The skies were clear and the hawks were circling to spot a few fossils themselves.

Even though it beat the attendance of 2 people at the last Maysville trip, only about a dozen people made the trek.

With the site as big as it is, we didn't see each other much during this field trip. The site covers the entire Fairview formation, the top of the Kope and most of the Bellevue Formation. 

Fossils were found everywhere on this site that day. There were plenty of fossils to be found in the gutter and at the base of the cut, requiring no climbing (see below). On the other extreme, some members enjoyed the view by climbing to the very top and find decent fossils there (see the Dry Dredger at the very top of the picture at left!)

Near the top, there were good quantities of the large brachiopod, Vinlandostrophia ponderosa to find. Here's a couple of Dredgers (below) finding just that. 

This Maysville, Kentucky site is famous for its geologic features. It has Seismites in deformed "ball and pillow" layers, possibly related to thrust faults, and it has Ordovician Ocean floor ripples, permanently preserved in the bedrock (below).

Just in rocks Dry Dredgers could collect, there were compelling Ocean floor features that have turned ordinary collectors into avid amateur paleontologists.

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