Dry Dredgers Field Trip: Brookville, Indiana
April 26, 2003

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Site 2: Fossils Found

More Flexicalymene retrorsa trilobites were found at this site than were found at the first site. The specimens here were small ones.

There were large numbers of the Brachiopod Leptaena found, as shown on the slab below.

Cephalopods were everywhere on this site.

Hebertella were fairly common here too.

This site is VERY rich in all kinds of Brachiopods, as illustrated in the findings below. Included in the picture is a snail from the 21st Century.

Good quantities of the Brachiopod, Lepidocyclus capax were found.

The main coral type found on this site is the large solitary horn coral, Grewingkia.

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