Dry Dredgers Field Trip: Brookville, Indiana
April 26, 2003

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Microfossils Found at Site #1

The Arnheim is famous for its phosphatic hash layers yielding good quantities of microfossils. This site was no exception.

We took sample clay from the surface home and washed the clay to sift out tiny microfossils. These samples were taken from the Arhneim Formation. Here are some of the specimens we found. (below)
 (NOTE: Digging is strictly prohibited on the Brookville Indiana road cuts. Please only take samples of clay from the surface. You don't need much clay to find a wealth of microfossils. Please don't dig holes. We want to be allowed to collect these sites in the future.)

The lines are shown for scale. Please excuse the poor resolution. I used my flat bed scanner to create these images.

Common were jet-black jaws of worms, called Scolecodonts .

Above are varieties of a common, but mostly overlooked Arthropod called Ostracoda.

Ocasionally, you find a single plate from the rare problematic fossil, Machaeridia.

Above is a clam called a Nuculites. It is not an Ostrocod, but many Ostrocods are overlooked because they look so much like these, more common, clams.

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