Dry Dredgers Field Trip: Brookville, Indiana
April 26, 2003

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Be sure to keep site notes with the specimens you found that day.
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More Fossil Found at Site #1 (Part II)

Here's an interesting trace fossil a member found. The branching burrows illustrates the in and out movements of the animal that made them.

Site #1 exposes layers as far down as the middle of the Arnheim Formation, where we found numerous partials of a special brachiopod that is limited to the Arnheim, Retrorsirostra carleyi.(Shown in next two pictures).

Examples of the ubiquitous Brachiopod, Vinlandostrophia, were also found.

We witnessed the appearance of Leptaena Brachipods at the bottom of the Richmondian at Site #1..

There were also quite a few perfect specimens of Hebertella found on that site.

One clever member went "out of the box" and out of the Ordovician by rummaging through the road embankment material near an overpass and found some beautiful molds of the Silurian Trilobite Gravicalymene in Dolomite. Great Idea! (at your own risk)

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