Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 28, 2013
Joint Picnic and Field Trip: Dry Dredgers and Kentucky Paleontological Sociey
Brookville, Indiana

The Dry Dredgers chose a picture-perfect day in late September for the annual joint picnic and field trip with the Kentucky Paleontological Society. This year the Dry Dredgers hosted and Bill Heimbrock chose the fossil sites in Brookville, Indiana as the locality.

Picnic at Mounds SRA

We met at 10 am in the Mounds State Recreational Area near the beach of Brookville Lake. The beach was closed, but lots of fun was had with hamburgers, hot dogs and fossils.

Bill Heimbrock did the grilling and also produced a field guide for exclusive use of the attendees of this trip. Sorry, but no reprints will be made for copyright reasons.

After everyone was done eating and sharing information, Bill lead the group in a caravan to four sites, which together cover most of the Richmondian Stage of the Cincinnatian Series of formations. The rocks and fossils at these sites are from the late Ordovician Period, some 435 million years ago, which this area was under a shallow sea teaming with life.

The fossil sites we visited were near Brookville Lake, Indiana, but the exact locations are not being revealed here because the best part of fossil hunting is finding a site that has not been picked-over. Here are the stops we made on this fossil trek along with their formation data, the fossils we found and the fun we had that day. Enjoy.

Stop #1: Waynesville Formation

Stop #2: Liberty Formation

Stop #3: Whitewater Formation

Stop #4: Waynesville and Liberty Formations

That's all for this trip. I hope you enjoyed the report as much as we enjoyed the outing.

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