Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 26, 2005
Brookville, Indiana

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It was another great day out in the field for the Dry Dredgers. There was rain in the early morning, but when we arrived at the site, the rain had stopped and the ground was freshly wet. These are perfect conditions for fossil hunting in the Richmondian Formations, where it's rockier than it is muddy and the wet fossils are a different color than the clay and rock. We had about 30 people turn out, with at least 7 of those being first time field trip attendees.

The hard winter had left lots of "new" fossils exposed on this site, which we have been visiting for decades. There were some outstanding fossils found that day, as we will show you in pictures.

The site is a cut in the hill on both sides of the road. Everyone seemed to prefer one side, but a sampling fossils from both sides demonstrated that the pickings were good on both sides.


Bob lead the field trip and as you can see above, he was ready!

The collectors were mostly checking the middle layers, which had lots of "fall down" material from the layers at top mixed in. The rewards with this approach, they hoped, would be trilobites and Conularia, both of which were known to be found in these layers. Today, those efforts paid off for many Dredgers.

  DVC00005.JPG DVC00024.JPG

The site is also loaded with a large variety of brachiopods. You can make a fossil collection of just the types of brachiopods found on this site. To collect the brachiopods, Dredgers didn't have to climb the steep and slippery slope.

DVC00008.JPG DVC00009.JPG DVC00012.JPG DVC00028.JPG  

Now lets check out the finds!

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