Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 24, 2007
A Northern Kentucky Byway

Photos by Bill Heimbrock, Mike Bonar and Cindy Striley. Words by Bill Heimbrock

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For the first Dry Dredgers field trip of 2007, we enjoyed a beautiful weather day (mid 70s, partly cloudy) on a state route in Northern Kentucky. This was Kentucky invertebrate surface collecting at it's best. We found a recently graded slope with just the right amount of weathering to have the fossils screaming for us to pick them up. The site exposed a large cross section of the upper Kope. Just a fossil's-throw from the Alexandria submember type locality, the saw Southgate and McMicken members of the Kope and maybe some Mt Hope from the Fairview Formation. 

  P1010007.jpgP1010022.jpg P1010023.jpg P1010033.jpgP1010062.jpg P1010074.jpgP1010088.jpgP1010121.jpg P1010130.jpg

There was another big road cut just across the street from us, and it looks like other fossil collectors were hitting that site too.

Now let's see some of our great fossil finds from that day.

T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T S

Page 1: The Site and Fossil Hunters
Page 2: Fossils Found That Day: Best Finds - Echinoderms

Page 3: Fossils Found: Cephalopods, Bryozoans and Worm Tubes

Page 4: Fossils Found: Brachiopods, Trilobites and Ichnofossils

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