Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 29, 2006
Brookville, Indiana
Arnheim, Waynesville and Liberty Formations, Late Ordovician Period

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We found this very interesting Cephalopod that was completely encrusted with the special Bryozoan, Spatiopora. The monticules are aligned in the direction of the Cephalopods travel. 

The Cephalopod fossil was also filled with Calcite crystals.

Here are some pictures of the more usual preservation of these Cephalopods. Siltstone internal molds.
  cephalopods3.jpg cephalopods4.jpg  


The gastropod Cyclonema were found in good quantities here. Cyclonema are most often found with the external shell features preserved, as shown in the pictures below.
cyclonema2.jpg cyclonema3.jpg

The rest of the gastropod genera were found as internal molds.

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