Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 29, 2006
Brookville, Indiana
Arnheim, Waynesville and Liberty Formations, Late Ordovician Period

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Just down the road, many Dry Dredgers and college trippers visited the sister site. Here good quantities of Late Ordovician Saluda corals were found.

Fossil enthusiasts were also prevalent. Here's Mark, from Columbus, with his excellent T-shirt.

At the far end, the road cut has a large exposure of glacial till. On this sandy terrain, it was even harder to keep your footing. But a few of us braved it to carry down lots of colorful, smoothed granite and sandstone. (next two pictures)

On our last trip to the site in March of last year, a member who will remain nameless (but who gets stuck in the mud A LOT!), got his van stuck in the mud and had to call a tow truck and they dispatched the highway patrol due to the types of drivers that get caught that far off the road. The hole the van made that day was still there when we visited in 2006! Way to go "B..."!

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