September 29, 2003

Photos and Descriptions by Debby Scheid

Several Dry Dredger members were on hand to participate in the celebration of the Trammel Fossil Park Dedication ceremony on September 29, 2003. The ten acre site is located in Sharonville, Ohio and was donated by the R.L. Trammel Family in the spirit that it would be preserved and improved for educational purposes.

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Dr. David Meyer, Dr. Carl Brett and other UC faculty members were in attendance.

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...and, of course, Dry Dredger members were in attendance also. Shown above, are Jack Kallmeyer, Steve Felton and Ron Fine. These and other members contributed to development of this fossil park.

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City of Sharonville Mayor Virgil Lovitt II presided over the ceremony. The Mayor introduced U.C. Professor and Dry Dredgers Advisor, Dr. Meyer who thanked R.L. Trammel for his donation.

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Dr. Meyer  also announced that a recent paper in the Journal of Paleontology, Vol 77, No. 5, 2003, Ericson, et. al., had used Trammel Fossil Park as one of the sources for the studied specimens. The authors acknowledged the "generous permission of R.Trammel, who has long encouraged collecting for research and educational purposes at the Sharonville, Ohio, site." The senior author of the paper was present at the dedication ceremony: J.Mark Erickson of St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY. Many of his students were in attendance.

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The new display features a kiosk in the shape of an edrioasteroid and contains four outer panels that explain the four formations: the Fairview, the Miamitown, the Bellevue, and the Corryville. At a later date, a fossil learning center will be constructed on the site as well.

The following Dry Dredger members assisted on this project:

David Meyer- Professor of Geology, University of Cincinnati
Kaniaulono Meyer- Science Education Advisor
Steve Felton- Paleontology Advisor
Jack Kallmeyer- Fossil Photographer

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Steve Felton thanks R.L Trammel for his generous donation.

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This photo shows Steve next to his special edrio digging area on the site that he keeps under lock and key.

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Ron Fine brought along a nice large Isotelus trilobite that he found on the site a few days before the ceremony.

Here's what Ron Fine's fine find looks like after the loose pieces were glued back on and it's been professionally cleaned. Incredible! NOTE: THIS SPECIMEN IS EXTREMELY EXCEPTIONAL. YOU MIGHT NOT FIND A SPECIMEN LIKE THIS ON YOUR TRIP TO THIS NEW FOSSIL PARK. 
See how Ron's specimen was prepared.

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