Dry Dredgers Field Trip
June 11, 2005

Search for Noids, Pods and Zoas!

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Page 5: The Contest Winners

Plaques were awarded to the winners of the best clam, best snail, best Cephalopod, largest Brachiopod and smallest Brachiopod. Here are their family photos.

Here's a picture of the best Cephalopod. The judges liked this one because it shows clearly the siphuncle, which runs down the center of the animal's shell. 

 P6110270.JPG P6110263.JPG
Here's the tiniest Brachiopod (above). I couldn't get a good picture....tiny....


Above is the winner in the best clam competition. Thanks to Cindy for the nice photos on this page. My camera had problems but she came through! 
Above is the winner of the best snail award. This rock has a bunch the spired snails called Paupospira. (apologies for pic quality again).

Below, a contestant found a similar spired snail, still alive. Not much change after 450,000,000 years!

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