Dry Dredgers Field Trip
June 11, 2005

Search for Noids, Pods and Zoas!

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Page 2: The Hunt Begins

As we arrived at the site the excitement grew and everyone headed for the hills to find those world famous Cincinnati Fossils.


Parents helped their future paleontologists as they, together, discovered treasures beyond their imaginations.

One of the very youngest comes upon the greatest find. (to be revealed on a later page).

Parents worked closely with their kids to identify the fossils shown on the poster that was handed out.

Tools used included screw drivers and hammers. (brought from home)

Safety glasses were worn to protect the eyes from flying flakes of metal and rock when hammers were used. The parents were great in helping to keep the kids safe.

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Page 2: The Hunt Begins

Page 3: Pics of Families Collecting Fossils

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Page 6: Other Fossils Found That Day

Pictures of Last Year's Event

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