Dry Dredgers Field Trip Report
May 6-7, 2006
The Dry Dredgers at...

Pictures by Ron Fine, Words by Bill Heimbrock

The Dry Dredgers co-sponsor the annual Cincinnati Gem, Mineral, Fossil, and Jewelry Show, now known as Geofair, along side the Cincinnati Mineral Society. This was the show's 41st year. This event is REALLY BIG! All the Dry Dredgers participate. It's more like a county fair than a typical convention center show. Visitors from all over come for the great prices on fossils, gems and minerals. Our exhibits are top notch. This year, we had a 10 foot high replica of a Stegodon Skeleton on display. Members of the Mineral Society and Dry Dredgers display their collections. There are demonstrations of mineral and fossil preparation and use.  There are give-away minerals and fossils for the kids. The scout troops  come out in force and go for merit badges.

We have guests present illustrated lectures on popular topics.

Our local Trilobite specialist and the Invertebrate Curator at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science (and Dry Dredger), Dr. Brenda Hanke, gave a presentation on the "Classic Sites of the Cincinnatian" . Here she is putting on the finishing touches for her feature presentation.

And her presentation begins...Fantastic talk, Brenda! We had a good turnout for it, too.

The Welcome/Information booth, had some great draws, like inexpensive trilobites for sale and free Dinosaur bones, complements of Treasures of the Earth!

The Welcome/Info booth was also a great place to get together and chat about fossils with other members. 

That's one heck of a large Cephalopod, George! Did you find that or just buy it at the show?

There was a separate area for swapping fossils and minerals.

Each child under 12 received a free 12-specimen mineral collection. We also give away free fossils.

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