The Cincinnati Museum Center at Historic Union Terminal

The Cincinnati Dry Dredgers are proud to have partnered with the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science to maintain a display of fossils prepared by the membership of the Dry Dredgers.

This display is renewed approximately every six months with a new theme related to fossils. It gives the public an excellent view of what local fossil collectors are finding while providing a basic educational service to the community. It also provides excellent opportunities for Dry Dredgers to display their prized specimens and to create a public exposure for their paleontological discoveries.

A special thanks to our Museum Case Committee Chairman, George Grossenbaugh, and to our friends on the staff of the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science for keeping this case going. We are all very proud of it. COME DOWN AND SEE IT!

Here are some photos of the current display, courtesy of George.

lf you'd like to join the Dry Dredgers and have the opportunity to display your finds in this case, not to mention the many other honors the members are afforded, Click here to print and mail the membership form with your dues.

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