Beginner's Class Links
by Greg Courtney, Education Chair

The web links below were part of the specific beginner's class indicated. Many of the links are now dead and will not be updated. New links will not be added.

Beginner's Class: February 23, 2012, by Ron Fine

Cincinnatian Gastropod Primer (PDF File 9930KB)

Beginner's Class: February 24, 2011

Part 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

World's Largest Animals Link List----

Largest Modern Bacteria

Largest Living Thing - cloned trees

Largest single tree

Botanical records , largest ,oldest fossil , etc..

Largest fossil forest




Anamolocarius video gallery


Part 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------

Coral great barrier reef

Greg and school kids draw life size giant animals

Largest Brachiopod

Largest clam

Largest Trilobite

comparison chart

largest cluster of giants

 largest  nearly complete specimen

Biggest Trilobite Sea Beasts Found ... in Swarms

Fortney with the giants

slab photo

 record arthropod chart

largest spider actualy a missidentified eurypterid

Largest Gastropod

Largest Crinoid

Largest Cephlopod
 sound down

Largest animals part 1

part 2

Largest squids modern photos

largest squid video gallery

Largest deep sea squid 1st time photoed / frozen specimens

Largest Eyrepterid

Giant Orthocone eating sea scorpions

E fossils on slab


Size chart sea monsters -black background

Part 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Largest Shark

 Jaw Pictures

  largest teeth found

Largest Fish
article / small photo


Largest Modern Day Insects

Largest Ancient Insect

 video start at 2:30

Largest Ant
 bottom specimen

Largest Cocroach

Early Spider

Living Fossil Spider

Largest Spider - Humor

Largest Frog

Largest Amphibian


Largest Land Snake

 Illustration , bus

You Tube intro video

photo of skeleton

Largest Turtle

Largest crocodile super croc

 video Nigel


Largest sea creatures chart

Part 4B

Largest Flightless Bird

Largest Bird that can Fly

Largest Eagle

Part 4C

Largest Land Mammal

 text itro

Largest Carnivourus Mammal

Largest Australian Animals ( newly found )

Other New Big Finds

Largest rat

Part 4D

Largest Sea Mammal

Longest Sea Creature's_mane_jellyfish

Part 4




Largest Swimming Reptiles Kronosaurus


Predator X vs Megladon

Largest Flying Reptile start 20 second

Nyctosaurus  video 5:00 big crest

Largest Carnivourus Dinosaur

Largest Dinosaur

Hall of fame dinosaurs ,
largests , fastest , smartest etc..
Largest Flightless Carnivourus Birds model by creek


biggest meat eater


part 5
Largest Primate

 naughty title (enlarge quick)

Largest Human

Largest Man Made Things ( humor )

Largest fossil whale http:

 Oceans biggest ,


World's oldest object 4.4 billon years old


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