An Open Invitation to Authors

Jack has been reading and reviewing books for the Dry Dredgers monthly Bulletin and for their longstanding web site, since 1993. The review series is called "Jack's Stacks." Locating appropriate books has been somewhat haphazard in that titles are "discovered" sometimes years after their original publication. In order to improve this situation, the Dry Dredgers are making the following offer to authors who would like to see their books reviewed by Jack.

Authors may provide the Dry Dredgers with a copy of their book as a tax-deductible donation for possible review by Jack. This will include exposure on our Website that receives more than 400 visitors each day. After reading, books will be offered as door prizes at regular meetings of the Dry Dredgers or donated to the Geology Library at the University of Cincinnati, the Geology Library at the Cincinnati Museum Center, or the public library system to promote the educational charter of our organization.

Authors considering book donations should email for instructions for shipping books to the Dry Dredgers.

Jack and the Dry Dredgers reserve the right to select or reject books submitted for review based upon subject matter (Jack does not read or review books promoting creationism, new age, or any other form of pseudoscience or superstition) or lack of time (Jack reads every word so it takes him a while). Authors may consult Jack's Stacks Subject Index to view typical subject matter covered. Books read but not reviewed will be listed with a read/not read rating recommendation.

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