Dry Dredgers Indoor Field Trip
February 25, 2017
Tour of Geier Collections and Research Center

Photos by Bill Heimbrock
Words by Bob Bross

Museums can only keep a fraction of their collections on display at any time; ever wonder where
the rest is stored? For the Cincinnati Museum Center, that place is the Geier Collections and Research
Center. On February 25th, a combined group of Dry Dredgers and Kentucky Paleontological Society
members – 40 in all – toured the paleontology section of the Geier Center, courtesy of Dr. Brenda Hunda.
For those who don’t know her, she is the Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at the Cincinnati Museum

It is always a great opportunity to see the collections of fossils from around the region - and the
world; attendees were able to look at their particular favorites – or see what some of their fragmented
finds look like as whole specimens! Brenda’s enthusiasm is evident in the way she works with our
members and visitors.

During the tour, Dr. Glenn Storrs, dropped by; Glenn is the Assistant Vice-President for
Collections and Research at the Museum Center. Like Brenda, Glenn is also heavily involved in the
research role the Geier Center plays – whether it is out in the field unearthing new finds, or preparation
and analysis back here in Cincinnati.

We are fortunate to have both Brenda and Glenn associated with the Dry Dredgers. They, along
with our other academics and professionals, help prepare us to be better eyes and ears when we are out in
the field, allowing us to identify and preserve unique specimens to help further paleontology. Thank you
Brenda for taking the time out of your day for us, and to Glenn for his support as well!

That's it for this indoor field trip. Now take a look at our March 2017 field trip to a favorite N. KY site.

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