Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 24, 2009
Oakes Quarry Park, Ohio

The Dry Dredgers had a chilly day for our October field trip to the interesting fossil park known as the Oakes Quarry Park in Fairborn, Ohio. This quarry exposes the Brassfield Formation of the Silurian Period. The quarry is located between Dayton and Xenia.

Left to right: Ron Fine, Taylor Bross, Bob Bross and Gary Richter

The park has plenty of informative signs and also signs that guide you around the park.

We gathered in the parking area. There was plenty of available parking. The fossil collecting site, however, was about a 15 minute walk to the other end of the quarry. We left the cars to go to the fossil site in groups from 9:30 to 10 am.
  IMGP5284.jpg IMGP5289.jpg IMGP5290.jpg IMGP5297.jpg IMGP5300.jpg

We got to have an interesting tour of the quarry during our walk to the site. Ron Fine and Bob Bross had been to the site before and was able to point out the features of the quarry, which includes a Silurian coral reef .
 IMGP5308.jpg IMGP5320.jpg IMGP5323.jpg IMGP5324.jpg

Then we finally arrive at the site. Our collecting was limited to two piles of discards. There is active and past Paleontological research at specific locations throughout the quarry, making most of the quarry off limits to casual fossil collecting.
IMGP5344.jpg IMGP5348.jpg 

After collecting Silurian fossils in the piles, we headed off for a tour of the quarry, guided by signs. Our destination was the Silurian coral reef, marked by Bob's waiving arms and the signs.
IMGP5387.jpg IMGP5390.jpg IMGP5395.jpg IMGP5397.jpg IMGP5399.jpg IMGP5400.jpg   IMGP5407.jpg IMGP5410.jpg IMGP5411.jpg IMGP5412.jpg IMGP5413.jpgIMGP5401.jpg  IMGP5426.jpg IMGP5428.jpg

At last we reach the Coral Reef.
IMGP5437.jpg IMGP5440.jpg IMGP5449.jpg IMGP5450.jpg

The reef was home to lots of crinoids, as evidenced by the rock surfaces.

It had been a light drizzle of rain for the last hour we were out there. But the rain started to be more persistent. We had been in groups of 5 or so people. The group I was with decided to head back to the cars when the rain started to get harder.
IMGP5459.jpg IMGP5462.jpg IMGP5465.jpg IMGP5473.jpg  IMGP5480.jpg

I think everyone had a good time and I heard several people say it was worth the cold temperatures and light rain. I highly recommend the Oakes Quarry Park to those interested in fossils and geology.

Fossils Found That Day

Crinoid Holdfasts

IMGP5352.jpg IMGP5444.jpgPA240049.jpgPA270116.jpg PA270117.jpgPA250079.jpgPA270139.jpgPA270147.jpgPA270109.jpg

Crinoid Stems

IMGP5367.jpg IMGP5370.jpg IMGP5372.jpgIMGP5418.jpg IMGP5422.jpgIMGP5501.jpgPA240010.jpg PA240014.jpgPA240022.jpgPA240033.jpgPA240044.jpg PA240046.jpg PA270099.jpg  PA270113.jpg

Solitary Corals

IMGP5521.jpgPA240042.jpgIMGP5417.jpgPA240037.jpgPA250063.jpg PA250064.jpg PA250068.jpgPA250076.jpgPA270122.jpg PA270125.jpg

Colonial Corals

   PA240039.jpgPA250055.jpg   PA250058.jpgPA270087.jpg PA270090.jpgIMGP5366.jpg  IMGP5446.jpg  IMGP5486.jpgIMGP5489.jpg IMGP5327.jpgIMGP5491.jpgIMGP5511.jpg  PA240008.jpg PA240009.jpg




PA240029.jpgIMGP5330.jpgPA240017.jpg PA270136.jpgPA240019.jpg  PA240024.jpg PA240035.jpgPA270131.jpgPA250072.jpgPA250057.jpg   PA270141.jpg








For more information on Oakes Quarry Park, see the the Fairborn Ohio web site at http://ci.fairborn.oh.us/parks.htm or download their brochures in PDF format.

Oakes Quarry Park General Information Brochure
Oakes Quarry Park Fossil Brochure

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