Dry Dredgers Field Trip
February 28, 2009
Miami University at Oxford, Limper Museum

In the winter month of February, the Dry Dredgers held an indoor field trip to Miami University's Karl E. Limper Geology Museum. Museum Director, Dr. Kendall L. Hauer, hosted us that Saturday, which is normally a day that the doors are closed. Dr. Hauer gave us the VIP tour, explaining the exhibits, answering questions and providing refreshments.

IMGP3740.jpg IMGP3762.jpg IMGP3763.jpg
The Dry Dredgers extend their sincere thanks to Dr. Hauer for his hospitality and taking time from his Saturday to show us around.

There have been a lot of changes to the Limper Museum, since we were last here on a field trip in January 2000. The exhibits that were largely cases with fossils and labels are now elaborately illustrated and documented. The Limper Museum has always been a primary place to see our local fossils identified and displayed. All of that is still true. The local fossils are featured in a large section of the Museum. In addition to the local fossils, fossils from around the U.S. and the world are on display along with large cases exhibiting minerals and other geologic artifacts.

Photography was welcome, and so, as you might imagine, many of our members were busy taking pictures for their records and to show to others.

  Here are some pictures of the many beautiful exhibits in the Limper Museum.
IMGP3744.jpg IMGP3748.jpg IMGP3749.jpg   IMGP3768.jpgIMGP3755.jpg IMGP3769.jpg IMGP3771.jpg IMGP3773.jpg IMGP3776.jpg  IMGP3783.jpg IMGP3788.jpg IMGP3789.jpg IMGP3790.jpg IMGP3797.jpg IMGP3798.jpg IMGP3799.jpg IMGP3805.jpg IMGP3806.jpg IMGP3807.jpg IMGP3810.jpg IMGP3815.jpg IMGP3816.jpg IMGP3825.jpg IMGP3826.jpg IMGP3830.jpg IMGP3831.jpg IMGP3834.jpg IMGP3837.jpgIMGP3836.jpg  IMGP3841.jpg IMGP3843.jpg IMGP3845.jpg IMGP3846.jpg IMGP3849.jpg IMGP3850.jpg P2280054.jpg

That's all we've got for this field trip. Join us in March 2009 for our next excursion.

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