Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Saturday, September 29, 2001
Route 1, Indiana

We had another field trip with beautiful weather this September for the Dry Dredgers trip to Indiana Route 1 . The turnout was pretty good, too. I counted about 14 cars but couldn't count the people because the site is so big.

This is a large road cut on both sides of the road with many shelves to walk along and casually pick up the abundant variety of Upper Ordovician fossils.  The site covers much of the Richmondian Stage from the Arnheim at the bottom, through the entire Waynesville and Liberty formations as well as the lower Whitewater and basal Saluda.

Page 1: Pictures from the trip
  Page 2: Pictures from the trip
Page 3: Pictures of some of the fossils found that day.


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