Dry Dredgers Field Trip
June 22 and 23, 2002
Penn Dixie Site, Buffalo, NY

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Penn Dixie Web Site

The Dry Dredgers met at the Penn Dixie site at 11 am Saturday after a 7 1/2 drive from Cincinnati.  Two other clubs joined us. Our Canadian member, Blair Batty�s home club: Brantford Lapidary and Mineral Society (BLMS) and the Niagara Peninsula Geological Society (NPGS), also Canadian. This site is famous for it's beautiful Phacops rana rana trilobites.

Here are some pictures of the trip, compliments of Tom Bantel.
Click on an image to see an enlargement.

The Cincinnati Dry Dredgers at Penn Dixie

Here is a plaque naming the shale layers at the site.

And another plaque naming the Brachiopods at the site.

Just beginning.

The Dry Dredgers' pit

Expanding the Dry Dreders pit.

Dan Cooper during early stage of opening up the Dry Dredgers pit.

Note other peoples' small pits in background.
None of them penetrated the thick trilobite layer.
The last ones left Sunday afternoon.

Not much shale splitting being done!

Lake Erie winds setting the tone for a sunny, hot Sunday.

How Deep is that Dry Dredger pit anyway?

Nearing the end of a long 11 hour day.

Examining a find!.

And here's Bob and Carrie Bross's excellent find. A Phacops rana Trilobite!
This picture was taken after it was expertly prepared (cleaned up) by Dan Cooper.
When Bob found this beauty, only about 3% was sticking to the upper shale piece. Nice going Bob and Carrie!
Special thanks to Dan Cooper for taking this photo as well as the professional prep job.

Our apologies, but we don't have a list of what was found that day. I personally was not there and no one but Bob Bross has given me a report of what was found. Tom Bantel did a great job with the pictures, though! If you were there and would like to tell us what you and others found those two days, email Bill Heimbrock at billheim@cinci.rr.com .

Other photos compliments of Tom Bantel.

Click HERE for more pictures of trilobites found at Penn Dixie.

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