Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2001
Mt. Orab, Ohio

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Field Trip Chair, Dan Cooper and trilobite farm owner, Don Bissett hosted the Dry Dredgers encore field trip to the famous Mt. Orab, Ohio dig site. Abnormally large amounts of rain in the weeks prior to the field trip caused some minor inconveniences, but the weather was fine for the field trip and everyone enjoyed themselves (that's a pretty safe conjecture).

The day began with a gathering at the rest area just near Mt. Orab on Route 32. The dig site is on private property and digging is by invitation only, so directions to the the site location were not given out.  At the meeting place, Dan Cooper brought some a box of Flexicalymene trilobites from his personal collection of Oldenburg trilobites to "show and tell". They were some monster-sized Flexi's.

Here are some pictures at the rest area.

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