Mt. Orab Field Trip. Sept. 2000


A special THANKS! to Don Bissett, the land owner and faithful Dry Dredger who made this field trip possible. 

It was a beautiful day for digging trilobites on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2000. We had an excellent turn-out, with more than 36 Dry Dredgers members attending. The site was the famous Mt. Orab, OH trilobite farm, where many of the best trilobites, now displayed in the world's Natural History Museums, were found. Such fine specimens are the result of the hard work and foresight of men like Dan Cooper and Don Bissett. Now the Dry Dredgers get to try their hands at finding world class trilobites with only a $10 investment for digging rights. Here is their story. Enjoy!   

Getting Started
Digging in the Ditch Page 1
Digging in the Ditch Page 2
Digging in the Ditch Page 3
Collecting Trilobites in the "Spoils Piles"
Pictures of Some Fossils Found
A pictural Demonstration of Digging Trilobites

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