A Beginner's Guide To Identifying Cincinnatian Crinoids

By Jack Kallmeyer

If you reached this web page from a web site about a potential Martian fossils, 
click here for a response from Jack Kallmeyer and Bill Heimbrock.

Table of Contents

Inadunata - Disparida

Cincinnaticrinus pentagonus
Cincinnaticrinus varibrachialus
Ectenocrinus simplex
Drymocrinus geniculatus 
Iocrinus subcrassus

Anomalocrinus incurvus

Inadunata - Cladida

Cupulocrinus polydactylus
Dendrocrinus caduceus
Merocrinus curtus
Plicodendrocrinus casei

Camerata - Monobathrida

Canistrocrinus typus
Compsocrinus harrisi

Glyptocrinus decadactylus
Glyptocrinus  fornshelli
Glyptocrinus nodosus
Pycnocrinus dyeri
Pycnocrinus subglobosus
Xenocrinus baeri


Camerata - Diplobathrida

Gaurocrinus nealli
Rhaphanocrinus sculptus


  Crinoid Anatomical Glossary

Additional Stem Sketches by Ron Fine 

Photos of Crinoids Found on Field Trips

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