Dry Dredgers Field Trip
University of Chicago Paleontology Dept.
March 15, 2003

We had a great time at the University of Chicago. George Woosey from Chicago met us at the museum and we received a red carpet treatment. Wendy Taylor gave us a fantastic tour of Paul Sereno's personal preparation lab. There were 3 undiscribed dinosaurs in various stages of preparation!!! They were so important we were not allowed photographs. We also got to see the actual skull of the super croc (not a cast), one of only 2 T-rex arms and a chinese dinosaur with possible feathers. The National Geographic Society had just left after spending all week photographing the new dinosaurs. What an exciting trip!!

Inside the model room- Dinosaurs everywhere!!!

  Charcharodontosaurus being reasasmbled piece by piece

 U of C master preparer Bob working on a new species of dinosaur


Goergw Woosey and Geore Grosenbaugh closely examining a Chinese Dinosaur for feathers!

Ben Woosey and friend lifting a model of a dino femur

Super croc

Croc skull to be at the show

An actual tool of Charcharodontosaurus

Charcharodontosaurus brain!

super croc

Sue's arm very rare!!




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