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April, 2014

Dry Dredgers 72nd Anniversary 

This month’s featured speaker is Jennifer Bauer, a Master’s student at Ohio University. Jen is one of a number of enthusiastic students working with Professor Alicia Stigall on many aspects of the Richmondian invasion. Her program is entitled, “A Tale of Two Brachiopods,” will discuss the evolutionary history of the Thaerodonta-Eochonetes grouping and operational migration pathways during the Richmondian Invasion.

Jen earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology from the University of Illinois at Chicago minoring in Earth and Environmental Sciences. She was very active in the local Women in Science and Engineering program and served as president for three years while at UIC..

Jen is a winner of the Dry Dredgers Paleontological Research Award.


TIME: 8:00 PM 
DATE: Friday, April 25, 2014
PLACE: Room 201 Braunstein Hall (Old Physics Building) 
University of Cincinnati Campus
Click here for directions to the meeting room
Click here to see photos of previous meetings.and more info on our meetings.

Beginner's Class
by Greg Courtney

The Beginner’s Class will not meet this month. The Beginner’s class room will be in use for the annual silent auction. See auction details later in this newsletter.

The April Silent Auction Is Here!
by Jack Kallmeyer

We hope that many can join us for our annual fundraising silent auction. We have been promoting this auction for a few months and many friends and members have responded with very desirable donations. Be assured that items in the auction cover a wide range of values and interests so there should be something for every budget. Items are both adult oriented (no not that kind of adult, the other kind) and child oriented.

Here is how the auction will be run:
Preview of items in room 301 will be from 7:15 until the meeting starts at 8:00. Preliminary bidding will be permitted.

The final bid process will start after our program at 9:15 and end at 9:45.

Each bid sheet will state if a minimum bid is required and by how much a bid has to be increased. Most items will require bid jumps in $1.00 increments (you can always jump more than the minimum but in whole dollars only). To withdraw a bid please draw a line through it rather than erase it.

At the end of the auction, winning bidders will bring their items and the bid sheets to Dean Swartz who will handle all payments. Payment must be by cash or check only - no IOUs or Credit cards. If a bidder is unable to pay, the item will then be offered to the next highest bidder at their last bid amount.

Should a winning bidder have to leave before the auction ends, we will inform him by email. The item will be brought to the May meeting for pick-up and payment unless other arrangements are made. We will not ship items

Any donated item that does not sell becomes the property of the Dry Dredgers unless the donor has previously informed us that the item is to be returned.

A number of interesting fossils from the Bob Munson collection will be offered. Many of these are from collecting localities that are no longer accessible. Here is a partial listing of donated items including books, fossils and fossil related items:

1 Cyclocystoides - Munson Coll.
2 Phacops - Speed Quarry - Munson Coll
3 Multiple lots Mazon Creek Nodules, plant fossils -
Munson Coll.
4 Flexicalymene trilobites - Munson Coll.
5 Silica Shale trilobites - Munson Coll.
6 Carboniferous plant fossils - Munson Coll.
7 Silica Shale Fossils - Munson Coll.
8 Speed Quarry Fossils - Munson Coll.
9 Waldron Silurian fossils - Munson Coll.
10 Calymene trilobite - Speed Quarry - Munson Coll.
11 Blastoids - Munson Coll.
12 Ammonite from France - Munson Coll.
13 Isorophus edrioasteroid - Munson Coll.
14 Rusophycus pudicum - Munson Coll.

1 Stephen Jay Gould Books
2 Older paleo texts - good for beginners
3 1981 GSA Field trip guides
4 Barrande trilobite book reprint (selling for $100 on the
5 Geology & Paleontology of Lee Creek Mine
6 Original Ohio Fossils, Red cover

1 Paleo Tee Shirts
2 Plastic drawer sets (4) - Munson Collection
3 Glove box with internal lighting for cleaning fossils
4 Gravermeister “airscribe” with compressor; working
condition unknown
5 Riker mounts

Much more will be at the auction. Time and other commitments did not allow for a more extensive listing this year.

You may still donate items the night of the auction. We will have blank auction forms available to add additional donations at that time.

Here are photos of last year's silent auction.

Dry Dredgers Celebrate 72 Years!
By Jack Kallmeyer  

The April meeting celebrates 72 years for the Dry Dredgers working with and supporting professional paleontologists. The group has changed a lot over the years in size and how we interact with one another. There were times when the treasury had barely enough money to cover the cost of mailing the bulletins; now, through the work of many people over the years, our fund raising and money management practices have allowed us to provide even more support to the science of paleontology. The constant through it all has been our love of Cincinnatian fossils and our desire to learn and understand more about this slice of ancient life on earth. To learn more about Dry Dredgers history and our contributions to paleontology, see our website at :

April Field Trip - Wandering Along A Scenic Byway
By Bob Bross

It has been several years since we have taken a trek along this highway loaded with road cut sites in Northern Kentucky. The Kope and Fairview formations are exposed at multiple locations, allowing us to descend into the planet’s history layer by layer.

On Saturday, April 26th, we shall explore several sites along this excellent route. Because this is a different type of field trip, we will meet at a staging area first and then travel as a group to the first of several pre-determined sites. Be there by 10:00 am sharp!

We will meet in a shopping center parking lot. Directions are very easy no matter where you’re coming from. Take I-275 to the Exit 74 interchange and head south to US 27/Alexandria (this is also where I-275 meets I-471; if you’re coming in along I-471, remain on it until it turns into US 27). From the first traffic light, continue south along US 27 for 2.9 miles and turn left onto Crossroads Boulevard. In less than 2/10 of a mile you will begin to see some entrances into the parking lot; we will be gathered in that (lower) end of the lot between the second and third entrances. Once everyone has gathered, we will begin our journey.

Please keep in mind this is an active roadway. While we will select places where there will be room for vehicles to pull off safely, parents should ALWAYS ensure younger members are watched carefully. Most of the slopes are gradual, which will make collecting a lot easier than at some other field trip locations.

What might we find? If you check our website for our September 2011 visit, you will see what might be found (your discoveries can vary!) There were a lot of crinoids, cephalopods, bryozoans, brachiopods, gastropods, and occasional trilobites – along with a number of trace fossils. As evidenced by our March field trip, this will be held rain or sunshine ( hopefully this time)!

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