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April, 2015

Green Rocks Olduvai Gorge

Our featured program this month will feature Robin Green, a long time Dry Dredgers member and now PhD candidate at Indiana University – Bloomington. Robin’s talk will focus on her ongoing research examining ostracode paleontology and Pleistocene climate history at the early hominid site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. In her work she plans to use additional paleoenvironmental proxies, but her talk will focus on ostracode assemblages to reconstruct fluctuating paleoenvironments caused by changes in lake levels and water availability. Robin will describe her research thus far, using plenty of pictures from her field work in Tanzania, and present preliminary results of her work.

Robin is from Batavia, OH and attended Dry Dredgers meetings that, she admits, inspired her to pursue research in paleontology during her undergraduate work at Kent State University. While at KSU, she completed an honors thesis on the small-scale variation in ostracode assemblages in a northern Ohio wetland. Robin received her Master’s degree in geological sciences from Indiana University researching declines in coral reef health in the Caribbean.

If you are not familiar with Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, it is probably the most famous site for fossils of hominins that preceded Homo sapiens. The site was made famous by noted paleoanthropologist Louis S. B. Leakey in the 1960's. - ed.

TIME: 8:00 PM 
DATE: Friday, April 24, 2015
PLACE: Room 201 Braunstein Hall (Old Physics Building) 
University of Cincinnati Campus
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Beginner's Class
by Greg Courtney

There will be no Beginner’s Class this month since we use room 301 for the auction.

April Field Trip
By Bob Bross

There is a nice site in Northern Kentucky which contains many fossils looking for a good home. Our April field trip will help these poor lost souls find a permanent place to stay. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, April 25th, with a 10 A.M. start time. We will meet on the site.

Directions are published in the full Bulletin that is mailed and Emailed to members.  However, this field trip is open to non-members as well. So if you'd like to join us, email Bill Heimbrock at If you'd like to become a member, print and mail your dues with the application form.

This Late Ordovician layer is a nice exposure of the Southgate Member in the Kope Formation. The site is also fairly family friendly; not much traffic, and lots of shoulder area for parking. Unlike some road cuts, most of the slopes are easy to climb.

What might be found there? Aside from the usual cast of bryozoan, brachiopods, cephalopods, crinoids, and trilobites, one can also uncover many trace fossils. Watch for signs of the Cryptolithus trilobite (identified by the beautiful lace collar), a variety of graptolites, pelecypods, gastropods, and the occasional sponge. It will not be hard to find something new and exciting for your collection.

Field trips are rain or shine. See you there!

April Auction
by Jack Kallmeyer

The auction is ready to go! There is one notable addition to the list that was available at the last meeting. We have added, “The winning bidder receives the services of a fully equipped female paleontologist well versed in both vertebrate and invertebrate fauna to assist or instruct you in whatever area you may desire.” This is a unique opportunity to have professional assistance with your paleontological endeavors. The complete listing will be attached to your Ebulletin.

We hope that many can join us for our annual fundraising silent auction. We have been promoting this auction for a few months and many friends and members have responded with very desirable donations. Be assured that items in the auction cover a wide range of values and interests so there should be something for every budget. Items are both adult oriented (no not that kind of adult, the other kind) and child oriented.

Here is how the auction will be run:
Preview of items in room 301 will be from 7:15 until the meeting starts at 8:00. Preliminary bidding will be permitted.

The final bid process will start after our program at 9:15 and end at 9:45.

Each bid sheet will state if a minimum bid is required and by how much a bid has to be increased. Most items will require bid jumps in $1.00 increments (you can always jump more than the minimum but in whole dollars only). To withdraw a bid please draw a line through it rather than erase it.

At the end of the auction, winning bidders will bring their items and the bid sheets to Dean Swartz who will handle all payments. Payment must be by cash or check only - no IOUs or Credit cards. If a bidder is unable to pay, the item will then be offered to the next highest bidder at their last bid amount.

Should a winning bidder have to leave before the auction ends, we will inform him by email. The item will be brought to the May meeting for pick-up and payment unless other arrangements are made. We will not ship items.

Any donated item that does not sell becomes the property of the Dry Dredgers unless the donor has previously informed us that the item is to be returned.

You may still donate items the night of the auction. We will have blank auction forms available to add additional donations at that time.

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