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September, 2016

Fossils In Ironstone

The Dry Dredgers welcome Tom Williams as our featured speaker this month. Tom will be speaking about the famous Mazon Creek fossils of Illinois. Specimens from Mazon Creek are well known to collectors who recognize the abundant reddish ironstone nodules containing plant fossils. Mazon Creek is even more famous for the nodules from the fabled Pit 11 that contained animal fossils within the nodules. Illinois even named one of these animal fossils, Tullimonstrum gregarium, as their State fossil.

Tom is a graduate of Western Illinois University in Geology and later received a Master of Science in Geohydrology at Illinois State. He has worked for over 30 years as a geologist for Soil Testing Services Consultants, and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in Superfund and as a Field Inspector for Water Pollution Control. As a part time instructor at Illinois State, Tom teaches classes in Geologic Environmental Classes including a class in Environmental Regulations and programs. He has contributed articles to several MAPS digests and has been Show Chairman for MAPS EXPO since 2009. Tom spent many hours collecting Mazon creek concretions while learning other aspects of Illinois and Midwestern Geology. Tom spoke to the Dry Dredgers in 2014 about his work with an impressive crinoid fauna of Chesterian age in Alabama.

TIME: 8:00 PM 
DATE: Friday, September 23, 2016
PLACE: Room 201 Braunstein Hall (Old Physics Building) 
University of Cincinnati Campus
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Beginner's Class
by Greg Courtney

The Beginner’s Class will be held at 7:15 PM, Friday, September 23, in room 301 Braunstein Hall, one floor up from the regular meeting room. This month’s program includes an introduction to Ordovician sea life plus collecting our local fossils and how to identify them. Greg will also discuss what tools and strategies to use and reveal helpful resources from the club. There will be many actual fossils to see. This is a great program for the first time visitor and beginning collector.

September Field Trip
by Bill Heimbrock 

We typically have our joint field trip with the KPS in September. That trip is more likely to happen in October and details will be forthcoming. For our regular September field trip, the Dry Dredgers will explore Northeastern Kentucky. See photos of our last trip there in October 2013.

We will gather at 10:00 AM on Saturday September 24, 2016 at the gigantic road cut. This road cut is more than a half mile long,  There are numerous road cuts along the way to stop and collect fossils on your own as well.

Be sure to pull all the way off the road when you park. Fossil hunting is permitted as long as we stay out of the roadway. Generally, this site is safe for kids, but please keep them safe a distance from ledges and traffic.

Dry Dredgers members will receive directions to our field trip in the full Bulletin sent out to via US mail and by Email. If you are not a member, but would like to join us, you are welcome! Just email Bill Heimbrock at, and we will get you everything you need to come with us.

We will start below the Maysvillian Stage in the Edenian Stage (Kope Formation) on this exposure. Here the best finds are likely to be excellent Rusophycus (trilobite burrows) and Diplichnites (trilobite tracks).

We will also find nice whole and partial trilobites of Flexicalymene granulosa, Cryptoplithus sp., and Isotelus sp. With a hand lens you may find Primaspis crosotus and Acidaspis cincinnatiensis among others.

After that we will climb to the Fairview and Bellevue Formations and find a nice variety of brachiopods, bryozoans and cephalopods.

We may visit other fossil sites in the area while we are there. Hope you can join us. It will definitely be a lot of fun.

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