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November, 2015

Ammonite Bites

The Dry Dredgers are privileged to announce a special program for our November meeting. We were recently contacted by Nico Taverne of the Netherlands who is visiting Cincinnati for a conference at U. C. Children’s Hospital (see your October bulletin for more detail). Nico is an avid fossil collector and he offered to present a program to the Dry Dredgers. The title of Nico’s presentation will be, “Predation on Early Jurassic Ammonites.”

Nico plans to begin his talk with his experiences in the Netherlands where he scuba dives for some of his fossils. He will continue with a Jurassic tour of Europe from England to Germany. His final stop will be the Posidonia Shales of southern Germany where ammonites of exceptional preservation can be found.

TIME: 8:00 PM 
DATE: Friday, November 20, 2015
PLACE: Room 201 Braunstein Hall (Old Physics Building) 
University of Cincinnati Campus
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Beginner's Class
by Greg Courtney

The Beginner’s Class meets at 7:15 PM Friday, November 20, in room 301 Braunstein Hall, one floor up from the regular meeting room. Greg will present an interesting program to aid our newer and younger members this time focusing on trilobites.

Cincinnatian Trilobites and their Hypostomes
by Steve Brown

With help from my friend Jerry Rush, I’m currently acquiring examples of hypostomes for Cincinnatian trilobites. The list below shows Cincinnatian species including two species not formally described for the region and known from very few specimens. I am also working with Jack Kallmeyer on this project so that we may contribute a photographic atlas of these specimens for the Dry Dredgers Trilobite web pages. If Dry Dredgers members would like to help complete the list by contributing to where I’m missing examples, I would be very grateful.

Hypostomes already collected and documented: Allolichas, Hemiarges, Primaspis, Anacaenaspis, Acidaspis, Gravicalymene, Flexicalymene retrorsa, Flexicalymene meeki, Flexicalymene retrorsa minuens, Platycorphe, Tricopelta, Ceraurinus, Ceraurus, Decoroproetus, Isotelus maximus, Isotelus gigas.

Hypostomes needed to complete the project include: Amphilichas, Achatella, Cryptolithus, Triarthrus.

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