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May, 2014

Celebrate Silurian Cystoids

James Thomka, U.C. graduate student, will present a program entitled, "The Paleoclimatic, Evolutionary, Stratigraphic, and Taphonomic Significance of Silurian Cystoids and Related Echinoderms in Eastern North America." This will undoubtedly be a fascinating look into the latest research regarding one of the more unusual echinoderms.

James is a familiar face to the Dry Dredgers as he frequently attends our meetings and has given presentations as well. Most recently, James has done work on Silurian cystoids in nearby Indiana. In his recently published paper in the Journal of Paleontology on this subject, James acknowledges Dry Dredgers support from the Paleontological Research Award. He specifically acknowledges Dry Dredgers members Tom Bantel and Don Bisset for their valuable assistance.

TIME: 8:00 PM 
DATE: Friday, May 23, 2014
PLACE: Room 201 Braunstein Hall (Old Physics Building) 
University of Cincinnati Campus
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Beginner's Class
by Bill Heimbrock

The Beginner’s Class meets at 7:15 PM Friday, May 23, in room 301 Braunstein Hall, one floor up from the regular meeting room.

Knowing the formations of the Cincinnatian Series is important to anyone collecting fossils in the Cincinnati area. It helps you identify the fossils you’ve found and makes them more scientifically valuable and collectable. This month Bill Heimbrock will give you a basic working knowledge of these formations. Don’t miss it!

May Field Trip: A Return to Ponderosa Ranch
by Bill Heimbrock

On Saturday, May 24, at 10 AM, we will return to the "Ohio Ponderosa Ranch" site to hunt for Late Ordovician Period fauna of the Bellevue and Corryville Formations. Our last visit there was in April of 2009. The sites have been a popular field trip destination of the Dry Dredgers for decades, but quantities of the Bellevue brachiopods, Platystrophia ponderosa, Rafinesquina ponderosa and Hebertella occidentalis can still be found. The site has been nicknamed “Ponderosa Ranch” for its history of fossil bonanzas. At the first site you will find lots of straight-shelled nautiloid cephalopods. The second site has more of the aforementioned brachiopods and is also famous for edrioasteriods, a very desirable echinoderm.

Drive time from Cincinnati, Ohio is about 1 hour. Directions to drive directly to the site can be found in the full bulletin that is emailed and mailed to paid-up members. Non-members are welcome at this field trip. So if you are not a member and would like to attend, please email Bill Heimbrock at for directions. We hope you will join us for a great day of fun and fossils.

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