The Bulletin
Editor - Jack Kallmeyer

May 2020
Still Home Distancing

President's Message
by Jack Kallmeyer

As mentioned in the April bulletin, the May meeting and field trip are cancelled. These cancellations are a direct result of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic. We join other organizations in the effort to slow the spread of this terrible virus and protect our members. We remain hopeful that the September meeting will be held as usual at U.C. We also anticipate holding our auction during that meeting. If social distancing is still in play or if U.C. is closed or restricting meetings we’ll have to alter our plans. We’ll let you know.

As I write this, states are beginning to open things back up but pay attention to any further stay at home orders issued by the state. Here in Ohio, although the stay at home order has been relaxed, it is still being recommended that people over 65 and those in “at risk” categories remain sheltered in place. Fossil collecting on your own may be allowable but do watch out for travel restrictions across state lines. Cleaning, organizing and curating your collection at home until the Covid-19 situation is resolved remains a good option and a number of us are doing just that.

So, stay safe, stay at home and follow the guidelines given by the state and federal government. Do not take this lightly. This is not a drill. It is the real thing.

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